Angelo Mazzola

Our General Superintendent, Angelo Mazzola has over 20 years of experience in the construction field.  Having the technical knowledge and people skills to bring together a team, Angelo excels at leading and managing his team of Superintendents, Foreman, Equipment Operators and Laborers.

Bob Stevens

After the acquisition of the Thomason-Stevens companies, Bob has come on board at AMEC as the Director of Construction of our Building Division.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry and an owner for some 20 years, Bob has built projects throughout the nation.

Ivelisse D’Antonio

As the Accounts Payable Manager at AMEC, Ivelisse handles all the major day to day payables and reporting.  Directly working with the Controller and CFO, she is versed in all the major aspects of the Finance & Accounting Department.

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Arne Johnson

From working with the coast guard and other agencies to build sea walls while not disturbing marine life, to complicated curb to curb, deep excavations, from remediation projects to an award-winning open architecture center for exploration of nature and the arts project on 80 acres of farmland, Arne builds his projects with a smile.

Armando Imbrogno 

Armando is a highly accomplished Controller with over 15 years of progressive team building and management experience.  With a background in systems implementations, conversions, internal auditing and general accounting, Armando is the “Go-To Guy” for all things Accounting.

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Isabel Perez Hoyos, PhD, EIT

Isabel joined AMEC as an Estimating Engineer and has grown at AMEC to become an accomplished Project Manager.  She brings her real-world application of processes, software and her ability to mentor and train others to the table with tenacity.

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Tom Forcier

Having worked over 20 years in Operations Management and Safety, Tom has taught hundreds of people the importance of safety procedures and policies.  Encouraging others to follow safety protocols and educating them is one of Tom’s passions.

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Agron Gelevic

As a Project Accountant at AMEC, Agron is instrumental in the financial analysis and success of his projects.  As part of a recent team chosen by AMEC to survey new technologies and their impact on the Finance & Accounting Department, Agron is a leader of innovative thinking.

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Eddie Howard

Eddie’s career as a Superintendent spans some 10 years in the NY/CT area with 5 years at AMEC.  From preconstruction through punch list items, Eddie has tackled distribution centers, schools, apartments, and infrastructure projects over the years.

Simon Pavell

As the Network Administrator at AMEC, Simon brings 10 years of industry experience to the company.  With a background in Data Analytics, Software Development, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing, Simon brings his love of technology into all he does.

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Johnny Buzzeo

As the Demolition & Specialty Project Manager at AMEC, John has completed hundreds of projects during his 14 years here at AMEC.  John is the PM in charge of all demos as well as any projects for our specialty project clientele.

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Rich Kalriess

Rich is a structural engineer with over 40 years of experience specifically in concrete structures.  Having worked on notable projects such a Swiss Re, The Taj Mahal Casino, RBS Stamford, and UBS Stamford, he is currently the Director of Estimating for AMEC’s Site & Civil Group.

Stefania Lannone

As the Customer Service & Accounts Receivable Manager, Stefania builds great relationships with all our clients.  Willing to do whatever it takes for AMEC and our customers, she has worked to develop the best customer service experience possible.

Rob Hackling

Rob holds a Class A demolition license in the state of CT allowing him to demolish any structure anywhere in the country.  With hundreds of commercial demos such as factories, bridges, apartment buildings, hospitals, etc. and hundreds of residential demolitions, Rob is the superintendent for all demolition at AMEC.

Paul Willis

As the Senior Preconstruction & Purchasing Manager at AMEC, Paul brings his 25 years of experience to the table when working with clients and subcontractors. From high-rise, mid-rise, and high-end custom residential projects, Paul has done it all in the residential market.

Rob Thomason

As one of the former owners of the Thomason-Stevens companies acquired by AMEC, Rob has come on board as the Director of Estimating of the Building Group.  Leading the way for the team, and training them, Rob is enriching the team with over 30 years of knowledge.

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Juan Pablo Romero

Juan is an Estimating Engineer in our Site/Civil Department.  Previously a Survey Instructor, Field Engineer, and Inspector, Juan is instrumental in our automated quantity take-off process, as well as our subcontractor and vendor management within the Estimating phase.

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Brian Grow

A California native, having previously owned his own supply house, Brian came to AMEC 2 years ago.  He brings his extensive knowledge of tools, safety protocol and quality control to his work.  Brian works with the logistics department hand in hand, ensuring his jobs are set up for success.

Nikolinka Marcheva

Nikki is a Project Accountant with a background in not only Accounting & Finance, but also Computer Science.  Using a combination of computer and accounting skills, she embraces both the Project Management software as well as the Accounting software in order to paint an accurate financial picture of her projects.

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Ervin Dervishi

Ervin holds BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering as well as an MS in Engineering Management.  A recent addition to the AMEC team, as a Preconstruction and Purchasing Manager, Ervin is involved in the early stages of a project; if you start right you stay right.

Cecily Irizarry

For the past 7 years, Cecily has been on the other end of the phone lines keep customers happy and helping answer any questions they may have from general information, to billing and scheduling.  As one of our dedicated Customer Service Representatives, she is an integral part of AMEC.

Fernando Ulloa

Fernando is the Software Champion within AMEC’s Estimating Department, with a strong background in Civil works.  As an Estimator at AMEC, Fernando is the gatekeeper to the various scheduling, bidding and data analysis and import needed for accurate estimates.

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Stanley Jonelis

As a former Sargent in the US Army, Stan knows the importance of a great team, which made Stan the perfect fit for AMEC when we met him.  As a Site Superintendent, Stan makes sure projects are built to spec, as well as a solid, cohesive team.

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Jason Schoeller

Jason has in depth knowledge of project scheduling and execution leading his teams and projects to success.  With over 25 yrs of experience, having worked in an architectural firm, a heavy highway outfit and at AMEC for some 8 years, he loves to teach motivated Project Engineers.

Charlie Bean

Charlie is a Master Carpenter who previously owned a Custom Home Building Firm.  After working with Charlie, we knew he had to be part of the team.  Today as a Super for our CM Group, Charlie is a role model for up and coming staff, teaching them the tricks of the trade.

Mary Slimak-Vining

Mary is everyone’s favorite person at AMEC because she handles payroll.  Previously having work for ADP, Mary came to AMEC 2 years ago and has since be the “go to” person for all things payroll and benefits.

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Michael Nowell

With 15 years of experience in Site & Civil work, Mike has been a Project & Field Engineer, Estimator and a Project Manager for a multitude of projects in NY.  He has a background in Design as well as Field Operations and has worked on NYCDEP, NYSDOT, and NYCDOT projects.

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Pat Crowell

Pat is AMEC’s resident Geotechnical Engineer.  No one knows earthwork like Pat!  As our Agtek champion, Pat’s skill translates 3D renderings of a site’s topography allowing for easy cut/fill analysis as well as the analysis of soil profiles.

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Robertson Teran

A Project Engineer with a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MS in Industrial Maintenance, Robertson has knowledge and experience with estimating, cost analysis, production rate analysis, monitoring of overall performance, logistics management and inventory control.

Brian Cabrera

With a BA in Economics, Brian uses his love of analytics in everything he does.  Creating automation through templating and streamlining practices, Brian can often be found whipping up impromptu Excel docs to simplify processes within Accounting.

Caren Montero

As a mechanical engineer, Caren has spent most of her career in the construction and transportation industries.  With a heavy concentration in estimating and procurement, Caren came to AMEC with a background that made her a great fit as an Estimating Engineer.  She works closely with all of those in the Estimating team.

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Scott Geiger

As a Senior Project Engineer in our Site Development Division, Scott utilizes our GPS Surveying Equipment and our Drone Technology to provide key quantity data to Operations.

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